Les nouveautés chez Sunpower inc

Sunpower Inc. Announces Availability of CryoTel® DS30 Cryocooler Engineering Build Units

Sunpower, Inc., the world leader in free-piston Stirling engine and cryocooler technology, announces the development of the DS30 cryocooler as well as the ability for select customers to purchase a DS30 Engineering Build (EB) unit.

The CryoTel® DS 30 Stirling cryocooler offers efficient, reliable, compact and high power cooling to the market in the temperature range of 35 to 250 Kelvin. The DS30 was optimized for applications in which SWAP (size, weight and power) and reliability are concerns. The DS30 consumes considerably less power than other cooling alternatives and requires no maintenance, making it ideal for strategic as well as industrial applications. Both the cold head and the pressure wave generator can be mounted in any orientation. Application examples include semiconductor manufacturing,  large infrared detectors, RF receivers or antennas, astronomical telescopes, laser cooling, high-temperature superconductivity, cold traps, and others.

Les nouveautés chez SHI Cryogenics Group

SHI Cryogenics Group Releases Highest Capacity 4K Cryocooler to Date

RDE-418D4 4K Cryocooler

New RDE-418D4 Cryocooler Increases Cooling Performance by 20% Compared to Existing Models

ALLENTOWN, PA, January 3, 2019 – The SHI Cryogenics Group has added a new model to its line of Gifford-McMahon (GM) Cryocoolers with the introduction of the RDE-418D4 1.8/2.0W 4K Cryocooler. The RDE-418D4 is SHI’s highest-capacity 4K Cryocooler to date, and extends the company’s existing range of 0.1W to 1.5W models. SHI’s 4K GM Cryocoolers are recognized as the most reliable and versatile systems available in the marketplace, featuring high cooling capacities, compact designs and orientation-free operation.

Compared to SHI’s RDK-415D 1.5W 4K Cryocooler, the RDE-418D4 features an optimized design that increases cooling performance by 20% without increasing the cryocooler’s physical size or the compressor’s input power. The new cryocooler has a first stage capacity of 42/50W at 50K (50/60Hz), and a second stage capacity of 1.8/2.0W at 4.2K (50/60Hz). The RDE-418D4 also features the same interface design as the RDK-415D, easing the ability to swap the new cryocooler into existing cryostat designs.

In addition to the cryocooler, the complete system includes a helium compressor, gas lines and power cables. It is CE and UL certified, with a suggested maintenance interval of 10,000 hours. The F-50 compressor is a three-phase, indoor, water-cooled unit that is available in both high and low voltage models. All Freedom® series compressors utilize highly-reliable scroll compressor capsules, have an industry-leading 30,000 hour maintenance interval, and are designed exclusively to deliver high pressure, oil-free helium to cryogenic refrigerators.

Like all SHI cryocoolers, the RDE-418D4 is competitively priced, and provides a stable low-temperature solution for a variety of research purposes, including helium liquefaction, superconducting magnets and detector cooling. The SHI Cryogenics Group has the largest installed base of cryocoolers around the world, and supports its customers with a global service and support network of twelve offices and numerous representatives.