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A thin film resistive temperature sensor that can operate over a wide temperaturerange (1K to 420K), the Zirnox exhibits negligible calibration shifts when exposed tomagnetic field and ionizing radiation environments. Comprised of zirconium oxynitride,the material and physical properties of the sensor allow for fast thermal response,exceptional heat transfer and a range of mounting options to suit your application.

Key Features

• High Sensitivity

• Fast Thermal Response

• Excellent Short- and Long-Term Reliability

• Calibrated Accuracy: +/- 0.005K at 4K

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Ziterox thermometers


Ziterox thermometers not only have high sensitivity, fast thermal response, wide working temperature range, good thermal cycling repeatability, and high mechanical strength, but also have advantages such as low magnetic resistance, radiation resistance, and small annual drift, which can be widely used in low/ultra-low temperature systems, superconducting magnetic systems, accelerators, colliders, synchrotron radiation sources, advanced light sources, neutron sources, high-energy physics,

astronomical telescopes, cosmic microwave background radiation detection and quantum computing.

The active sensing unit of Ziterox thermometer is ZrON film grown by magnetron reactive sputtering. Combined with advanced photolithography technology and packaging process, Ziterox thermometer achieves full coverage from 50mK to 500K temperature range, with a nominal calibration temperature range of 1.0K-325K, which can be extended to the lower limit and the upper limit. 

The typical temperature accuracy of Ziterox : ±5mK@1K ; ±5mK@4.2K, ±15mK@77K, ±50mK@300K.



Ziterox thermometers typical features

 Wide working temperature range                                      Low magnetic resistance

 High sensitivity                                                                      Resistant to high-energy irradiation

 High mechanical strength                                                   Fast thermal response

 Good thermal cycle repeatability                                      Excellent short-term and long-term stability