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The new 7400-S Series vibrating sample magnetometer’ enhanced design provides faster field ramping, improved field setting resolution, a high-sensitivity Hall probe, an updated controller with new gaussmeter circuitry, and quick-swap, ultra-thin pickup coils.

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Cryocooler System with Recirculating Helium Gas

Cryocooler System with Recirculating Helium Gas Cools Continuous Transfer Type Cryostats

The ongoing global helium shortage continues to adversely affect researchers, many of whom are unable to use
these their existing continuous transfer cryostats to perform research due to high operating costs or limited LHe availability.
Janis Research is now offering a solution to help researchers that have limited operating budgets but that can gain access
to capital equipment funding.
Janis Research has developed a series of cryogen free, low vibration, closed cycled cryocooler systems that use
recirculating helium gas as a direct replacement for liquid helium, to cool continuous flow cryostats without
the use of LHe. Pulse tube-cooled (PT) and Gifford-McMahon (G-M) cryocooler options are available, in various capacities
and base temperature configurations. Helium gas passes through a series of heat exchangers on the cryocooler, and then
flows through the integrated vacuum insulated transfer line into the cryostat. After cooling the sample, the gas is then returned to
the cryocooler for re-cooling and continued circulation.

These recirculating gas cryocooler systems are available for use with almost any existing continuous transfer type cryostats,
such as the Janis SuperTran series. The Model PT-7 pulse tube-cooled system shown below operates continuously with a
base temperature of less than 7 K (with options for lower temperatures). The interchangeable system transfer line tips make
the cryogen free cryostat universal for all Janis SuperTran cryostats including Models ST-100, ST-300, ST-400 and ST-500.
The microscopy cryostat system as shown can, with proper mounting, maintain the vibration level on the cryostat body
at less than 20 nm.

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